November 17
6PM - Midnight

Dunham College is all about community. In our first game jam,
Keegan Long-Wheeler and John Stewart will teach you how to design
your own text-based video games. Then we’ll create games
built around the theme of Community. Attend for as long as you’d like.
This game jam ends at midnight. Pizza will be provided!

Play Games & Stories

See what's possible and have fun. Play these games.

Queers In Love at the end of the world by Anna Anthropy

A classic of the text-based game genre. Decide how you want to spend your last 10 seconds before the world ends.

Election Simulator 2016
by Keegan Long-Wheeler

Built as an expression of frustrations with the 2016 elections, this satirical game reveals the true nature of the candidates.

by John Ayliff

An interstellar text-based exploration game. Play as the AI for a starship full of the last remaining humans. Find us a new home.

English Course Games
by UTM Students

Students from an english class at the University of Toronto Mississauga created many fantastic stories and games.

Create Games — Instructions

We're going to use a software called Twine to build games.
Follow the instructions below to get started.

  • Plan Your Story

    1. On paper or notecards, outline your story and the choices a player would face that lead to various endings. Feel free to write poetry, fan-fiction, choose-your-own-adventure games, etc. Anything related to Communtiy.

  • Open Twine & create

    2. Using Chrome or Firefox, visit to start creating a text-based game. Skip the tutorial, name your game, and double-click on passages to edit them.

  • [[Double Brackets]]

    3. To connect passages in Twine, place [[double brackets]] around words. When a passage title matches the [[words inside]], a link will be created bewteen the two passages. Use multiple double brackets to give players choices through a story.

  • Build & Share

    4. Use HTML coding to add function and flair to your story. Here's a Twine HTML guide. When complete, share your game using the buttons below.